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Auto Detailing

Bring Your Vehicle Back to Like-New Condition

At The Tint Factory, we take care of any vehicle. Maybe you came in for one of our other services and didn’t know that we can deliver your vehicle completely looking like new again. We have a few different package options, depending on your vehicle or you can add any individual detail service.

High Quality Detailing Products

The Tint Factory auto detailing services feature top quality detailing products to restore the shine to your vehicle’s exterior and leave the interior clean and fresh. Most auto detailing services can be completed in around two hours. Everyone loves a clean car, and a clean car runs better. Our technicians are trained and equipped with the most advanced, tools, equipment, chemicals and supplies to provide the best auto detailing services for your vehicle.

More Than Just Detailing Packages

The Tint Factory goes beyond its awesome auto detailing service packages by offering specialty restoration services to improve the appearance of your vehicle. We can take your detailing service to the next level. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your detailing package or order an a la carte detailing service, we provide everything from odor removal to paint swirl removal, oxidation removal, paint protection, spot and stain removal, headlight restoration, and more.