3M Night Vision 15 Solar Window Film

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3M Night Vision solar control films to help with heat and fading of products. They liked it so much we did the other 2 stores as well! 

The darkest of our Night Vision series, this sun control film offers a unique combination of low reflectivity, warm beauty and high performance. Night Vision films have a low interior reflectivity that leaves your view clearer than ever, especially at night.





Business Night Vision Window Film


This film offers 3M’s unique abrasion resistant coating for added durability.

3M Night Vision 15 Solar Window Film – NV-15


light transmission
light transmission
Single Pane Window – 15 % Light Transmission
Single Pane, Tinted Window – 9% Light Transmission
light transmission
light transmission
Insulated Window – 14% Light Transmission
Insulated & Tinted Window – 9% Light Transmission


Product Benefits



  • New warm tones complement and defend against solar rays.
  • A warm natural hue invites warmth and beauty to any room.
  • Low interior and exterior reflectivity, especially at night!
  • Great heat rejection for dual pane windows.
  • New 3M technology enhances color stability.
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  • Reduce air conditioning costs and stay cooler by reducing excessive solar heat especially in hot sunny climates.
  • Extend the life and vibrancy in the fabric of furniture and carpets.
  • Increase personal safety from flying glass.


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