The Advantages of a Remote Start

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Why You Need a Remote Start This Winter

While the fall season has just started to get into full swing, winter will be here before you know it. Rather than suffer through the days of going out into the unforgiving low temperatures to start your car and wait inside while it warms up, The Tint Factory recommends you change things up and do yourself a warm favor and invest in a remote start instead.

Do Right by Your Engine

Not only are remote starters good for you, they’re great for your vehicle’s engine as well. This is because letting your car warm up for a few minutes before heading out can help you get as many miles out of it as possible. It’s not uncommon for cold engines to work harder than necessary if they aren’t given time to warm up. What’s more is not letting your vehicle warm up for a little while can eat away at your gas mileage.

No Need to Go Outside

When it’s snowing and freezing, the last thing you want to do is slog your way outside to your car’s frigid interior to crank it up and wait while your heat starts to work its magic. With a remote start, you can leave the heat in the desired setting, crank your car up remotely and let it get nice and warm before stepping outside.

You’ll Have an Added Layer of Security

You might not realize it, but remote starters are built for your safety and peace of mind. Know that starters simply crank up your engine, they won’t unlock your car doors, which means you don’t have to worry about someone enjoying the warmth of your car as he or she drives off with it. There’s also the fact that while your engine is running, there still isn’t a key in the ignition. If a key isn’t put into the ignition before the brake is pressed, the engine will cut off.

A Remote Starter Could Fetch a Higher Price for Your Vehicle

Just like safety and security features boost the overall value of a vehicle, the same is true of outfitting your auto with a remote starter. You’re sure to enjoy the convenience and comfort of having a way to start your engine remotely, and the same is true of other drivers. Taking good care of your vehicle and tending to its regular maintenance needs are additional ways to get as much value out of your car as possible should you decide to sell it later on.

It’s Easier to Remove Ice and Snow From Your Vehicle’s Exterior

While you can always crank up your car on your own and scrape off ice and snow from the exterior while it warms up, still the fact remains that all that ice and snow can be quite difficult to remove. With a remote start, some of that heat you’ve generated inside your car can help melt some of the ice and snow on the outside, making it easier to get rid of.

For more info on remote starters, or if you’re ready to shop for one of your own, reach out to The Tint Factory.

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