Benefits of a Remote Car Starter in Madison

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What You Need To Know About Remote Car Starters

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The snowy terrain and freezing temperatures have finally arrived in Madison Wisconsin– and from the looks of it, the winter weather is here to stay. For most of you, that means cold mornings and even colder drives to and from work. A remote car starter from The Tint Factory will make your commutes easier on you and your vehicle this winter. Here are a few reasons why:

Comfortable Drive

Who wants to sit in a freezing cold car after it has spent the night outside in freezing cold temperatures, or in the parking lot all day at your office, or during your workout at the gym? Using a remote car starter allows the inside of your car to heat up before you have to get in and drive it, creating a more comfortable ride for both you and your passengers.

Safer Commute

A warm car can make for a safer commute. The heat from the car melts the ice on the windshield as well as the windows, making it easier to scrape away, tremendously increasing your visibility. A warm car also melts any snow and ice that may be covering your headlights and brake lights, so you can be better seen by other drivers.

Warm Engine & Motor Oil

Cold temperatures effect your car’s engine and its motor oil. Running cold is harder on an engine than running warm, and because oil is thicker when it is cold, it is more difficult for it to flow through the engine’s parts. A remote start gives your vehicle extra time to reach normal operating temperature, warming the engine and making the oil more viscous, allowing it to flow freely through the engine.

Although there is no doubt a remote start will make your drive warm and comfortable, the accessory is not for everyone. Idling your vehicle can have negative effects, as well.

Unnecessary Waste

It is important to only let your car idle for a short amount of time. When a car idles for more than 30 seconds, it increases air pollution, wastes both fuel and money, and can cause excessive wear on the engine.

Motor Oil Type

Instead of heating the oil in your car by idling, you can replace it with an oil that can better withstand cold weather. Refer to your owner’s manual to select the proper viscosity oil for the winter temperatures.

Vehicle’s Make & Model

Particular idling practices may depend on your car, its make, and its age. Idling wears on older cars much more than newer vehicles, but older cars may need it more than newer ones. Again, consult your owner’s manual to see what, if anything, it says about idling.

In the end, a remote start is about personal preference. Not only is it convenient, but it is a good investment as well. In addition to getting good use out of a remote start in the winter, you can use it in the warmer months to cool your car down before driving it. Does a remote car starter sound like it might be for you? Purchase yours today at The Tint Factory of Madison!

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