Wisconsin Window Tint Laws 2022 There are a number of reasons why many drivers enjoy tinted windows, particularly in the summer when temperatures can get very high. Not only do they keep your car cool, but they can also reduce glare and create a much safer driver experience. Unfortunately, every state has different laws surrounding
At the Tint Factory, we’ll tint your vehicle the way you’d like it to be, they way it matches the manufacture, or by adhering to Wisconsin Laws…the choice is yours along with the responsibility. However, here are the rules for 2021, in case you’re curious. Window Tint Darkness in Wisconsin 2021 The percent of visible
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The Tint Factory, Serving Madison’s Vehicle Tinting is at Madison Graphics In Sun Prairie The Tint Factory & Madison Graphics, now one stop for all your exterior paint protection, graphics and window tint are all under one roof in Sun Prairie, WI. The Tint Factory & Madison Graphics 1620 N. Bristol St. Suite 1110-1120 Sun
Wisconsin Window Tint Law Car window tinting laws in Wisconsin were enacted in 1996. We have provided all the necessary information about your car’s window tint, including how dark or reflective the tint is allowed in your state. There are also additional car window tinting rules and regulations in Wisconsin so make sure you read
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Why You Need a Remote Start This Winter While the fall season has just started to get into full swing, winter will be here before you know it. Rather than suffer through the days of going out into the unforgiving low temperatures to start your car and wait inside while it warms up, The Tint
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Compatibility With Remote Starts Here at The Tint Factory, we not only specialize in offering quality remote starters, we also want to make sure our customers are well-informed about the basics of a remote start so they have the peace of mind that comes with knowing how the tech in their car works. Learn fundamental
Clear Bra Protection Helps with Madison’s Roads & Potholes We all know the feeling of nailing that pothole in the middle of the road every spring around Dane County, WI.  You may also have experienced the terrible feeling of watching the car in front of you spitting up rock chips at you after they slam into a
The Tint Factory is a full service Car Stereo, Video, Auto Tint, Security, Remote Starters, and Custom Electronics Sales and Installation company located on Madison Wisconsin’s east side. Here at the Tint Factory our #1 goal is to provide you with the best product to fit your auto customization goals along with the highest level
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Trying to figure out what to buy your spouse before the holidays? Or maybe you’re looking to buy yourself something nice this winter season? Maybe a Remote Start is what they’ll really appreciate. Well, unless you’re living in Los Angeles, Miami, or Hawaii, you’ve been lucky enough to experience chilly temperatures, frozen windshields, and snowy
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A remote car start is one of the best additions to install on your vehicle. It is also a very confusing purchase. Our intent with this post is to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes people make when buying remote car starters. Buy a remote car starter with enough range I use the