We can safely put a remote start into a manual transmission vehicle

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Manual Transmission Remote Start & Questions Answered

Can I put a Remote Starter on my manual transmission vehicle? Remote Car Starter MadisonYes you can! We carry manual transmission remote start models in multiple brands. They will allow safe remote starting of your manual transmission vehicle. The manual transmission remote start is also available in a car alarm remote start combo package.  The manual transmission remote start is set up to prevent unwanted or accidental starting  with the transmission in gear.  It is a fail safe system. Come by and we’ll show you how it works and we’ll show you the models we carry and maybe even install one for you today!

Can I put a Remote Start on my Hybrid?
Yes you can
. The Tint Factory of Madison has remote starts for hybrids. Remember even though your gasoline engine doesn’t automatically start when you put in the key, it will start with the Remote Start System when you press the remote control if your heater is turned on and the temperature in the vehicle is colder than the temperature setting of the heater controls, or the temperature in the car is above the cool setting of the air conditioning controls. The car will start it’s engine in order to pre-heat the vehicle or pre-cool the vehicle accordingly.  Once the desired temperature is reached, the engine will shut off and will restart when it becomes necessary to adjust the interior temperature based on your settings. As you can see, a remote start for a Hybrid vehicle has great benefits!

How about a remote starter on my Push-to-Start car where I don’t have to put in my key?
Yes, we do remote start systems on push-to-start cars all the time.  Some require a bit more work and so are a little more expensive while others are not.  Call us and we’ll do our best to give you a pretty close estimate for your car.

Will the Remote Start cool my car in the summer?
Yes it will, as long as you leave your A/C controls set to cool with the fan switch on, it will come on automatically when the car is remote started.

What About Remote Start Range? How far does the remote engine start work?
The manufacturer’s ratings on range are for best case scenarios. This means that when a manufacturer says your remote start will go 1,000 feet, 2,000 feet or a mile, that is a best case scenareo. In the city with the amount of electrical interference all around us, the remote car starter could get less than half of the advertised range. This will vary with the maker, your car and where you are. Some do better than others. It’s just that it isn’t possible to guarantee range in every case.  But don’t forget, even 300 feet is the length of a football field!  Our standard remote starters have plenty of range for average use.  Probably 75% of the remote car starters we sell are of the standard range variety.  They do great and rarely do we ever get a complaint about range.  If you feel you need more range because of where you park at work or you want that extra power to cut through the shopping center out to that large parking lot, then most remote starters we carry rated between 2,000 and 5,000 feet will do a good job.

We carry 900 mz spread spectrum technology remote car starters that give nearly a mile range best case.  That’s over 5,000 feet.   While you won’t get that far in a city, what you will get is the ability to activate your remote start from otherwise difficult locations. With the extra power, you will have the ability to remote start the car deep inside a shopping center, sports complex, movie theater parking garage and even get confirmation on your remote control that confirms your car actually did start.

What is a two-way remote Start? A two-way remote starter is one which gives you feedback on your remote control that what you asked it to do got done.  The remote control receives a signal back from your car’s remote start module that confirms your actions: that the doors locked, that the vehicle started, or that your alarm is going off (in the case of remote starters with alarms).  The remote control will make a beep sound and either flash a lighted button or show an icon on its display that will tell you what it’s confirming or what’s happening.  We carry several models in different price ranges.  Come by and we can demonstrate them for you.

Does the Remote Start include a car alarm?
A remote start does not include an alarm.   However, if you need the added security of our car security systems, you can purchase the remote starter with a car alarm in a combination unit.  To learn more about this and to see several models we carry click here to see Remote Start Car Alarms.

Does Key-less Entry come with the Remote Car Start?
Key-less entry, having your remote control lock or unlock your doors, is a feature which usually come with the remote start (assuming you have working power door locks already on your vehicle), but on some cars it’s an option and so the remote start can be purchased without it to save money.  Often the electronic interface modules that we must use to sync the remote car start with the vehicle’s electronics will automatically include the key-less entry feature with the remote starter for a vehicle but not always.  Just because your vehicle has key-less entry or trunk release already on your original factory remote controls does not mean these features automatically come with the remote start.  It depends on the car and the parts that must be used for the remote start installation. If you are expecting these options to work on the remote start, please let us know before we quote a price so we’ll make sure it’s included.

When we install a remote start it does not disable the car’s original remote controls. They still work as they always have. On some vehicles, the car’s original factory remote controls won’t unlock the vehicle once the engine has been started.  This is just how these cars work.  If your car is like this, then you will want to make sure the key-less entry feature is included with your remote start purchase so you will be able to automatically unlock your car doors once the car has been remotely started, otherwise you’ll just have to unlock the car doors with your key.