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Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing

The Tint Factory


  • Vacuum floors, seats, mats and trunk area
  • Dashboard, door panels, console, vents, interior trims and plastics are cleaned and treated with a non greasy low gloss conditioner and UV protectant
  • All vents, gauges, cracks, and crevices are finely detailed
  • Leather seats and surfaces are cleaned and conditioned to prevent fading and cracking
  • Shampoo carpeting/floor mats
  • Glass is cleaned inside and out for a streak free finish

ADD ON: Leather Ceramic Coating (hydrophobic coating that offers one to two years of protection against spills and stains)


  • Tires are scrubbed with a degreaser to remove all dirt, grime, and previously applied dressings
  • Wheels are deep cleaned using a variety of brushes
  • Wheel wells are cleaned, degreased and rinsed
  • Bugs, tar, and road grime are treated with a stronger degreaser
  • Paint is treated with a powerful iron remover
  • The vehicle is foamed with a degreaser to loosen dirt and remove any oils or waxes
  • Two bucket hand was is performed using a high foam shampoo and then fully rinsed
  • Vehicle is dried and hit with some compressed air to remove trapped water
  • All plastic, rubber, and vinyl trim is cleaned and treated with a low shine UV protectant
  • Exterior glass surfaces are cleaned to a streak free finish
  • Paint surface is protected from elements with a premium high gloss polymer sealant
  • Metal trim and exhaust tips are cleaned and polished by hand and protected with a high temperature resistant metal sealant
  • Tires are dressed with a low gloss water based protectant for a fresh, natural look
  • Wheels are protected from brake dust and grime with a glossy high temperature wheel sealant

ADD ON:  Clay bar treatment and single polish and/or a 5 year ceramic coating