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Interior & Exterior Ceramic Coating

The Tint Factory


All leather lovers understand how essential leather preservation and protection techniques are. A leather ceramic coating ensures easy maintenance and keeps leather products in pristine condition and shape despite continuous use.

So, is a ceramic coating on your leather car seats worth it? Yes! Its high dust repellant properties help keep your leather surfaces stronger and cleaner. Our leather ceramic coating will also help reduce degradation through staining, damage, and aging.


A ceramic coating is a hydrophobic coating that chemically bonds with your factory clear coat to provide a layer of protection that is more permanent and resilient than wax or other polymers.  This creates an impenetrable layer to UV, weather, acids, pollutants, bird dropping, tree sap, and anything else that threatens your vehicle's surface.

A single stage machine polishing process is used to remove oxidation, towel marks, and light swirls.  This will improve gloss and paint clarity, but will likely not remove all surface defects or scratches.  For the best results we provide a stage 2 or stage 3 option for vehicles requiring more repair and/or protection.

ADD ON:  Second Stage Polish.  Third Stage Polish.