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Remote Car Starters

The Basics - Remote Car Starter - The Tint Factory Madison, WI

A remote car starter, otherwise known as an “auto starter”, “car starter”, or simply “remote start”, is an electronic device that allows you to start your vehicle’s engine from outside of your vehicle. The benefit of a remote starter is that allows you to warm up or cool down your vehicle in harsh weather. It can also be good for your vehicle’s engine to warm up before driving it aggressively on the freeway.

How Does It Work?

Remote car starters are fairly complex products that require professional installation. In layman’s terms, a standard remote start system includes two primary components:

  1. A remote capable of sending commands
  2. A control module, or “brain”, which is installed inside of the vehicle.

The remote transmitters used with remote car starters are not all that different from the other remotes we use in everyday life (e.g. garage door, TV). However, remote start makers have developed advanced technology to allow people to send commands from up to 3 miles away or from their smartphones.

The control module aspect of the system is where there is some variance depending on the type of vehicle you own. When you send a “remote start” command from the remote transmitter, the control module receives the command and then “mimics” your vehicle’s factory key signal to safely start your vehicle’s engines and its internal electronics (e.g. air conditioning, heated seats).

Is it safe for my car?
Compustar automatic car starters are compatible with approximately 95% of vehicles on the road today, including manual-transmissions, diesels, select hybrids and luxury makes. For each of those compatible vehicles, installing a Compustar remote starter is 100% safe and will not void or affect your factory warranty!
In 2015 alone, Compustar has trained over 2,000 installers across North America to safely install our remote starters in today’s newest vehicles. And all of our systems are backed by aLifetime System Warranty (does not cover remotes).

What makes Compustar remote starters different and/or better?

Amongst remote start installers, Compustar systems stand out as being the most universal remote start platform in the industry. Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for simple features or an advanced user seeking custom features, the Compustar FT-7 platform is unrivaled in customizability and compatibility.

Also, Compustar products are made of factory-grade components that are heavily weather-tested to endure even the most extreme conditions.

There are so many options. Where should I start?

Try the following list of good, better, and best options for your next remote start system.

  1. Good: RF-1WR3-AM
  2. Better: RF-P2WR3-SS
  3. Best: RF-P2WT11-SS

Don’t forget! You can also connect your smartphone to a Compustar remote starter on DroneMobile.