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Storm Security Film

Calm During the Storm

During a storm, glass can become a vulnerable part of your home. Storm security film can improve the durability of glass in your home during storms by making glass more durable, and holding shards together in the case of breakage.

Although unprotected glass may shatter, allowing entry of glass shards, rain, and debris, security film holds shattered glass in one piece to prevent dangerous shattering and help to prevent entry of rain and debris.

Benefits of Storm Security Film:

  • Increased durability to prevent breakage
  • Prevention of dangerous shattering
  • Improved protection from water and debris entry after breakage

*Disclaimer: Storm security film provides added protection from damage during harsh weather by making glass more durable and preventing shattering. Security film is in no way designed to match or replace protection provided by storm shutters, nor does the application of security film qualify structures for insurance discounts.