Start Your Car from 1 Mile Away! Compustar Remote Car Starter

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1-Mile Remote Car Starter with LCD Confirmation

Compustar Remote Car Starter PRO 2-WAY 901



2-way IconSpread SpectrumUp To 1 Mile Range

Compustar’s Most Powerful Remote Starter

The PRO 2-WAY 901 Remote Start System is Compustar’s most advanced and powerful remote starter. This system gives you up to 1-mile of range to send remote start and keyless entry commands to your vehicle. Whenever you send these commands, you will receive instant confirmation on the LCD remote included with this system.

Ask your Compustar retailer for the following parts in order to add the PRO 2-WAY 901 Remote Start System onto your vehicle:

  • RF-P2W901-SS Remote Kit
  • FT-6200S-CONT Remote Starter
  • Professional Installation


The PRO 2-WAY 901 Remote Starter includes the following parts (each sold separately):

1. RF-P2W901-SS Remote Kit

  • 1x 2W901R-SS Remote (2-way LED)
  • 1x 1WG8R-SS Remote (1-way)
  • ANT-SS-25 Antenna
  • Antenna Cable

2. FT-6200S-CONT Remote Starter

  • CM6200-S Remote Start Controller
  • Cable/Harness Pack
  • Wiring Diagram

3. Professional Installation

  • Call The Tint Factory Today 608.819.8282



PRO 2-WAY 901

1-Mile Remote Starter
with LCD Confirmation

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Remote StartRemote Start:
Get a head start on the weather outside by remote starting your engine.



2-Way LCD Confirmation:
Get instant confirmation from your vehicle whenever you send a successful remote command.

Lock/UnlockKeyless Entry:
Unlock and lock your doors by tapping the lock or unlock buttons on your remote.

Manual Transmission

Manual Transmission Compatible:
Compustar Remote Starters can be safely installed on most manual-transmission vehicles.

Run-Time Indicator:

LCD Screen:
Check your vehicle’s status and runtime via the remote LCD.


Manual Transmission StartingCold/Hot Automatic Start:
Set your vehicle to automatically start at a certain time or temperature.


TurboDiesel Engine Compatible:
Compustar Remote Starters will work on vehicles with diesel engines.


UnlockTurbo Timer:
Keep your engine running in idle to prevent premature turbo wear.


Access your vehicle by unlocking your door. Activate by pressing unlock button.


Pop your trunk by holding the Trunk Release button for 2.5 seconds.


2nd CarSiren:
If your Compustar system has been connected to an alarm, holding the lock button will trigger the siren.

Convenience Features

2nd Car

2nd Car Mode:
Switch between vehicles easily using one remote by switching into 2nd Car Mode.

Valet Mode

Valet Mode:
Turn off remote start settings whenever you submit your vehicle for servicing or valet.

This Compustar remote features an internal clock and alarm

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