The Tint Factory installs aftermarket Heated Seats

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aftermarket heated seats

Are heated seats a luxury or need?

You’ll have a hard time deciding once you’ve installed heated seats in your car or truck. In cold weather states, seat heaters start warming your vehicle long before your car’s heater has warm air. In fall and winter months heated seats become a must have part of any driving experience.

Seat heaters aren’t just for your Ford, Chevy, Toyota, or Nissan. They can be installed in a variety of vehicle types including RVs, motorcycles, boats, electric carts, farm tractors, industrial machinery, and fork-lifts. Aftermarket heated seats don’t change the appearance of your seat, but they do increase your vehicle’s value and your personal comfort on a cold day.

You can trust installation of your heated seats to the experienced technicians at the Tint Factory. They have been installing auto electronics for many years and are familiar with all types of vehicles.


Contact the experts at the Tint Factory of Madison for your heated seats.